Social Media Services

Social Media Strategies:

-Establishing and setting up social media accounts
-Creating Engagement strategies based on each account’s lingo and engagement culture.

Social Media Content Creation:

-Creating content based on trending topics, events, holidays, locally, regionally, and globally

Social Media Campaigns:

-Preparing content in line with campaign’s main messaging
-Creating social ideas, apps, or activations based around campaign.

Social Media Listening:

-Monitoring the conversations around brand keywords, topics, incidents, crises
-Monitoring the competition, industry, products and services to optimize content.

Social Media Analytics:

-Setting up metrics and KPIs for social media analytics
-Measuring the effectiveness of brand page engagement.
-Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns, competitors, against benchmarks.

Social Media Customer Service:

-Establishing points of contact with tech support, or customer complaint support with local markets
-Following up on all complaints to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid any incidents.
-Minimizing the risks resulting from a crisis on the brand by keeping close contact with critics.

Social Media Influencer Relationships:

-Identifying influencers in the industry such as bloggers, writers, experts, advocates, loyalists
-Establishing contact with influencers through outreach programs.
-Collaborating with influencers on campaigns, events, content seeding, and amplification.

Social Media Advertising:

-Identifying budgets for advertising based on client objectives and metrics
-Segmentation of audience according to demographics, habits, and psychographics.
-Promoting social media content on various channels.

Social Media Crises Management:

-Monitoring and listening in on any potential crisis that may arise using special tools
-Following up on the traction of the crisis, volume of negative verbatim, and sensitivity or threats of a topic.
-Comprehensive reporting both quantitatively and qualitatively.
-Collaboration with PR agencies on drafting Media Statements when necessary.

Social Media Community Management:

-Managing communities on various social platforms
-Posting content, monitoring the effectiveness of content, and following up on inquiries.
-Engaging, amplifying, and keeping up with the conversation, comments, and feedback on content.